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("You Get Affiliate Indians Model Full Bundle")

Value: ₹9999/-

The Affiliate Indians Model is a 3-days conceptual course that will prepare you to start a business and begin learning affiliate marketing concepts in next 3 days. There is nothing else like this. 

In 2 days, you will know the concepts, secrets and get those into action. By Day 3 you will be equipped with knowledge most take years to gain, a clear business journey and the confidence to put it into action. Go ahead – let us help you change your entire life in just 3 days. 

Along with this course, you will get 14 more courses as bonuses and support to help you get started to learn everything of affiliate marketing in details. Therefore it is an 15 course bundle and will help you bring mindset and actions of a successful affiliate marketer.

Over The Next 3 Days, Each Day, I’ll Cover The Next Step To Start Your Online Business To Make Money Online

  • Day 1: Launch Orientation, How this model works, Self discovery process, Goal setting, How to make this a fail proof journey.
  • Day 2: Top-4 skills you need to acquire, how to select a niche, how to select products, Strategy to create sale s funnel.
  • Day 3: Traffic generation strategies, How to use email marketing, Budget estimation, What to expect as a beginner, pro & expert, How to setup all systems & automation.

Affiliate Niche Blueprint

Yes, without finding niche, to becomes quite difficult to promote products. First you need to choose your niche, then on its basis you select products to promote as an affiliate. But to find your niche, there is a validation process and you are going to get that process in this course.

Value: ₹7500/-

Affiliate Product Blueprint

This is the main part of affiliate marketing business. Without product, how can you imagine you can earn commissions as an affiliate. So it is necessary to find the networks like clickbank, Jvzoo, warrior plus etc. where you can find products to promote. And you must know the criteria to select products to get high commissions. So everything is covered inside this course.

Value: ₹7500/-

Affiliate Funnel Blueprint

Worldwide proven funnel that actually give results while promoting any offer in online market. In order to send people to you offer that you are promoting, needs a sales funnel to let your visitors turn into your customers through an automatic sales process without having you any worry of talking/telling/selling them personally.

Value: ₹8500/-

Internet Traffic Blueprint

Apart from those traffic sources,  which everyone is talking about out there, there are some untapped sources of traffic too that you can use to win in this game. Because these are the sources that nobody explains in their courses or videos. And it’s a must have training course for you to make money online.

Value: ₹15500/-

Email Marketing Formula

This is a digital world, and people are getting engaged in money making programs day by day. Therefore they check their emails frequently. But do you know you can use this process to make money for you. But how you will go through the strategy, you will learn in this course.

Value: ₹18500/-

Affiliate Budget Blueprint

The most asked question of affiliate marketing beginners is How much they need to invest to start their affiliate marketing online business? Haha, don’t worry, this business does not need to be expensive while starting. But there are some vey basic requirements that even a school going student can afford. So, inside you’ll get full details of budgeting and managing your money for your affiliate marketing business.

Value: ₹10500/-

Affiliate Leadgen Blueprint

One of the most exciting thing in affiliate marketing business is to generate leads. Because if you have leads, then only you can get sales from those leads. So lead generation is a vey big part and you don’t need to be stuck here. Inside you get a proven strategy to get unlimited, qualified and quality leads for your online business. 

Value: ₹25500/-

**Limited-Time Additional Bonuses (Only For First 20 People Who Will Enroll TODAY, BEFORE 11:59 pm TONIGHT!)**

1-To-1 Clarity Session (15 Min) - To Help You Get Started From Today Itself.

Value: ₹15,000

Affiliate Magic Club - Weekly LIVE Classes To Clear All Your Doubts & Questions.

Value: ₹16,000

Affilathon Premier League - Monthly Team Game to Launch Your Business Faster Than Other Members.

Value: ₹18,000

Our Private Ecosystem i.e Affiliate Indians Society - To Get In Touch With People Having Crorepati Mindset.

Value: ₹20,000

Affiliate Indians Partner - To Earn Life-Changing Commissions By Promoting our Products As An Affiliate.

Value: ₹20,000

LifeTime Email Support - To Get Insight Solutions of Your Business.

Value: ₹18,000

24/7 Moral Support - To Always Support, Motivate & Inspire You To Live A Lifestyle Of True Freedom.

Value: Priceless


("You Get The Affiliate Indians Model Full Bundle + The Affiliate Indians Blueprint Full Bundle")

Value: ₹14,999/-

The Affiliate Indians Blueprint is a 15-days action-oriented training program that will prepare you to start a business and begin earning money online in next 15 days. There is nothing else like this. 

This Blueprint will save you countless hours, weeks, months, even years from sifting through the insane overload of information online from shady sources. We’ll give you a powerful training video each day, along with purposeful assignments to complete – along with us. 

We will personally help you develop your business plan and get it into action. By Day 15 you will be equipped with knowledge most take years to gain, a clear business plan and the confidence to put it into action. Go ahead – let us help you change your entire life in just 15 days. You will get 11 more bonuses too. So, it is a 12 course implementation bundle.

Over The Next 15 Days, Each Day, I’ll Cover The Next Step To Start Your Online Business To Make Money Online

  • Day 1: How Exactly You Will Earn ₹200,000 Per Month
  • Day 2: 3-Step Strategy To Make 6-Figure Online Income
  • Day 3: How To Create Landing & Capture Pages
  • Day 4: How To Create Thank You/Bridge Page
  • Day 5: How To Create VSL Or Sales Page
  • Day 6: Traffic Generation Strategies
  • Day 7: How To Create Google Search Ads Effectively To Get Sales
  • Day 8: How To Create G-Mail Ads Effectively To Get Sales
  • Day 9: How To Create YouTube Ads Effectively To Get Sales
  • Day 10: Trust Building Formula
  • Day 11: Video Marketing Blueprint (Video Creation Pack)
  • Day 12: How To Automate Your Business
  • Day 13: Our Private Ecosystem & 17 More Courses For FREE As Bonuses
  • Day 14: How To Get Your First Sale”
  • Day 15: 6-Figure Online Income Business Plan & Journey Of Your Success


You can say we are giving you a full video creation pack, where you don’t have to worry about finding any topics, scripts and strategies to make your videos using economical resources. Because people like to buy/ work with those, whom they know, like and trust. So videos are perfect way to build trust and brand along with to gain clients automatically for your business. We also provide you the access to buy exact accessories, equipments and setup required to launch your own YouTube studio to make handsome amount of money from Adsense additionally!

Value: ₹11,250/-


Facebook and its compliances..it sucks and eat people accounts and pages on a daily basis. So to follow the compliance while creating ads, you will know some insights of this! Learn how to properly setup all your campaigns, adsets, ads and creatives to attract customers at very low cost.

Value: ₹11,250/-


Google Ads is a hot good source of target people according to their online behavior on Google, YouTube and other websites. And according to the data, every person who has account on google, searches all over the internet the solution of their problems. So why shouldn’t we provide our solution too. In return, we can get a big money online! Let get into this and target big audience.

Value: ₹12,750/-


YouTube is now more than a connecting platform. People use to watch videos not only for the entertainment but also to learn something new and solve their problems in a practical way. So you have a good chance to showcase your product, service, story, offer etc. So use this feature of YouTube effectively to attract a lot of customers.

Value: ₹23,250/-


Learn how to setup your professional YouTube channel & YouTube Studio for shooting, editing and publishing videos, from scratch, plus you’ll also do a tour of my own YouTube Channel.

Value: ₹27,750/-


Do you know what is the big thing while creating Ads online for your offer? It’s ad copy in which most of the people get fail to let their ads approved by the concerned company Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. In testing and trying again and again, people get their account suspended for making irrelevant ads or by violating the advertising platforms terms and policies. So it would be better to use the already proven ad copies to get leads and sales. So it’s now a no-brainer product for you to buy this instantly.

Value: ₹15,750/-


Now there is no need to craft any message or post before publishing it to your social media profile. We are giving you already done-for-you pre-written ads that you can just copy and paste on social media platforms to get leads and customers organically. 

Value: ₹38,250/-

**Limited-Time Additional Bonuses (Only For First 10 People Who Will Enroll TODAY, BEFORE 11:59 pm TONIGHT!)**

1-To-1 Strategy Session (30 Min) - To Implement From Today Itself To Fasten Your Success.

Value: ₹30,000

Done-For-You Email Swipes To Earn First 10k By Automatic Follow-up Of Your Customers.

Value: ₹32,000

6-Figure Personal Business Plan To Launch Your Business.

Value: ₹36,000

Multiple Streams To Earn Passive Income.

Value: ₹40,000

3-FREE Softwares For Screen Recording, Video Editing & Photo Editing.

Value: ₹40,000

FREE Autoresponder Upto 1000 Subscribers.

Value: ₹4000


("You Get Affiliate Indians Model Full Bundle + The Affiliate Indians Blueprint Full Bundle + 1-YEAR PERSONAL COCHING WITH PRAKHAR")


Get my one year 1-on-1 hand holding support to start, run and grow your business from scratch irrespective of any previous experience or degree. PLUS ALL THOSE MORE THAN 27 COURSES.



This is the information that changed my life, and I’m willing to share it with you if you’re willing to put it to the work. What I’m going to teach you inside these courses is the same exact secrets that I personally use everyday……And have been running without fail or interruption. It works because it’s not based on “trial and error”, “tricks” or any “gimmicks”… but instead from real and reliable strategies that work regardless of who uses them.

And for the first time ever, I’m going to show you how to setup and launch your own online business while staying at home without hiring any employees, just by simply copying my already running successful business mode.

Each day you will get a powerful and implementable lesson to teach you the concepts you need to know plus technical assignments, so you can finally get your business set-up properly.
This is something that nobody teach you in your society and you have been missing this to make a great living using this way which does not need any prior degree or experience.
By the time you are done with my blueprint, you will have the foundational training you need to make BIG money online, an actual business plan to follow, one-on-one support, winning community, automation and a business that is ready for you launch successfully.

See! What People Are Saying About Our Ultimate Training System...

Why Am I Giving So Much Of Discounts On This Ocassion?

Me and my team of business plan advisors/coaches will help you design your business plan and get your first sale.

I want to work with winners & action takers only – I want to work with people who are going to put in the action everything that I give you in our blueprint.

I’m willing to give you all this for so little because I’m confident you’re going to be blown away, because I care you, and because I believe that you will help others to change their lives.

I know it’s going to change your life so much that you’ll do business with me for years to come. You may want to go through some of our other courses and education that we will release in future.

You’ll most likely become obsessed with uncovering money making secrets while staying at home and you’ll want to grow and scale your business, which I can help you do.

But first, I’m willing to help you for next to nothing. I’m willing to show you I can help you – by actually helping you! What a nice concept, right? I am 100% dedicated to help you and we won’t left any stone unturned to bring happiness and money in your life.

At any point of time, if you decide it’s not for you, you’re not losing anything except a few bucks and little bit of time.

Can we just cut the crap and start our relationship off with honesty and transparency?
I’m not going to butter you – you’re going to be a high-earning affiliate marketer and that’s what I’m going to treat you like.

All I ask is if you are going to sign up right now by clicking the button below…do the work.
Commit right now to finish the ENTIRE training. Get your business set-up and off the ground by taking our blueprint.

That’s my challenge for you, if you’re ready to accept it, and I’m willing to hold your hand every step of the way.
Don’t let this be another thing you sign up for on an impulse and don’t follow through with.

If you’re going to start this training and get your online business launched…. promise yourself, and promise me, that you won’t take advantage of my generosity and perseverance.

Promise me you won’t quit reaching for success right before the miracle happens.

Promise me you won’t give up and quit right before the finish line. Don’t worry we are always here to help you at each step.Don’t be skeptical for now, I know this will work for you because it has worked for me. So click the button below and get your blueprint instantly.

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NOTE: This is special offer,on occasion of Pre-Launching, so no refund will be issued on this product.


Q 1: Whom this course is for?

This course is for anyone who want to start an online business but doesn’t know where to begin i.e. for beginners. This course is also for those who need a highly valuable product to promote to earn huge commissions.

Q 2: Can I request a refund?

Due to the nature of this business, there is a STRICT NO REFUND POLICY. MONEY WILL NOT BE REFUNDED BACK ON THESE SPECIAL OFFERS. Members will have instant access to the LOGIN AREA, software and digital products after fees are paid.

Q 3: How many membership levels does Affiliate Indians has?

There are three membership levels – Beginner, Pro, and Expert. You have to just purchase membership of your choice, and we will give you access to that  membership instantly.

Q 4: Can I get paid on promoting your products/courses?

Affiliate Indians members have resale rights for those who purchase Beginner/Pro/Expert membership and can earn 60% commission per sale on all memberships. Basic membership members can’t promote our courses.

Q 5: What do I need to start making money online?

Affiliate Indians is perfect for newbies and those with little to no technical skills. By simply copying the pre-written ads/scripts and posting them on the Google, YouTube, G-mail, online classified ad sites & social media platforms, you can earn handsome amount of money for every customer that purchases an Affiliate Indians product from you. When a payment is made, you will receive 60% of that from us. You’ll also receive an email notification letting you know that you have just signed up a new member. Everything our members need to build a profitable Affiliate Indians Business is located in the Affiliate Indians Members Area!

Q 6: Is this a scam or get-rich quick scheme?

Absolutely Not! A get rich quick scheme (or scam) usually promises to make a person extremely wealthy over a short period of time, with very little effort and with little or no risk. Affiliate Indians makes no such claims, nor do we make a guarantee of income whatsoever. We know that individual results can and will vary based on several factors, including but not limited to, level of member commitment and consistency of effort. Additionally, Affiliate Indians provides a REAL product that contains ad copy that can be used to promote Affiliate Indians, or any other business being promoted by our members. Any claims/presentation/testimonials on site does not mean we are guaranteeing it. They should be considered as examples only. We are not responsible for your earnings.

Q 7: Is there a guarantee that I’ll make money?

No. There is no guarantee you will make money. You and you alone will determine your level of success based on your own actions. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our affiliate program, information, tools or strategies.

This is not a get rich quick program nor do we believe in overnight success. We believe in hard work, integrity and developing your skills if you want to earn more financially.

Q 8: For an instance, how much money can I make per month with this course?

By using the strategies discussed in this course, you can make upto ₹ 2-Lakh Per Month or more.

Q 9: When do I get paid?

You get paid after completing 7 days of your sales.

Q 10: Do I have to pay taxes on my earnings with Affiliate Indians?

Yes. Since you will be receiving payments directly from us, you are responsible for paying your own taxes. Depending on your earning limit, you may pay Income Tax to government. Please consult with a tax professional for tax and legal advice.

Q 11: Can I work for this program if I am from outside India?

Yes, as long as you have your bank account in India, you can work with this program. All you need to have is a computer and access to the internet and our product’s fee.

(Hurry up! we are closing this deal very soon)
NOTE: This is special offer,on occasion of Pre-Launching, so no refund will be issued on this product.

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Disclaimer: This is not a get rich quick program nor do we believe in overnight success. We believe in hard work, integrity and developing your skills if you want to earn more financially. As stipulated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with any of our products or services. The average person who buys any "how-to" information gets little to no results. Any references or examples used within this website are real and documented but are used strictly for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors, including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT PURCHASE ANY PRODUCTS FROM US.
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